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Hi All,

We are reading through Chapter 25 for our book, The Other Einstein: A Novel, by Marie Benedict, for Wednesday’s discussion.  Here are some thoughts on the book:

1.       Thoughts on this:  When Mitza transformed from an academic to a housewife and mother, Mitza’s mom became her main support and mentor rather than her father who previously filled that role.  What changes in Mitza do you observe because of this? 

2.       Thoughts on Albert’s reaction/attitude toward his daughter Lieserl?  Do you think this was a normal attitude for a man in that era?

3.       We have discussed this before in other books we have read set in this time period:  letter writing was the main form of long distance communication.  How do you compare it to more popular current communication forms like texting and email in terms of effectiveness, problems/benefits, etc.

4.       What one or two words would you use to describe Albert?  Mitza?

5.       Were you aware that red crosses on the doors were used to identify houses where the occupants were afflicted with scarlet fever?  Does it bring to mind any other such demarcation of warning or illness on dwellings?

Note: At the end of the book the Author’s Notes reference a collection of papers and letters about and by Albert and Mitza at http://einsteinpapers.press.princeton.edu  (it’s a lot of reading but just interesting if you have time to browse through and read their own words)





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