Current Outreach Projects

Updated February 23, 2018



The Emergency Family Shelter

Grace Church is hosting the Emergency Family Shelter through Saturday, February 24th.  We welcome anyone who is available to come in on the morning of the 24th to help us clean-up the basement and put the furniture back.  Please speak to Sarah Travis or Carol Garrison if you can help.  Thanks!



Special Offering for March: One Great Hour of Sharing

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) is the special mission offering of the United Church of Christ that carries God's message of love and hope to people in crisis. The UCC works with international partners and other Christian denominations to provide sources of clean water, food, education and health care, small business micro-credit, advocacy and resettlement for refugees and displaced persons, and emergency relief and rehabilitation. OGHS also supports domestic and international ministries for disaster preparedness and response.


On average, of every dollar given to One Great Hour of Sharing, 95 cents is used directly for mission programming, and the remaining 5 cents is used to create interpretation materials. Administrative costs are paid by gifts to Our Church's Wider Mission National Basic Support.


Almost 60 percent of the UCC's offering supports international development initiatives, including annual support for missionaries. The offering also funds disaster preparedness and response, and disaster-related volunteer initiatives in the U.S.


The United Church of Christ responds to development, disaster, and refugee needs in 138 countries, and provides disaster relief and immigration assistance in the United States. Nearly one-third of the UCC's offering is shared through Church World Service to support refugee, disaster, development, and advocacy programs.


Words cannot capture the anguish of people when they lose everything in a disaster or have to leave it behind while fleeing war or conflict. Through One Great Hour of Sharing, lives are literally changed daily. Your support provides clean water, food, medicines, shelter, healthcare, education and so much more. Please give generously during worship on March 11th, or online at any time at Thank you!


Good Samaritan Fund

The Good Samaritan Fund of Grace Church is designated for emergency relief to members and friends of Grace Church. Only the pastor and person in need know who receives assistance.

Donations to the fund are welcome at any time, in any amount. If you can help, please place a check in the offering plate made out to Grace Church with "Good Samaritan Fund" on the memo line. Thank you!



Service Opportunity: The Frederick Soup Kitchen

Did you know that volunteers from Grace Church serve at the Frederick Community Action Agency's Soup Kitchen on the 3rd Sunday of even months? It's a rewarding mission experience and we always have fun!  Our next service date is Sunday, April 15th.  Won't you join us?

Note: The Frederick Soup Kitchen, operated by the Frederick Community Action Agency, is desperately in need of volunteers to staff the soup kitchen and serve food to homeless individuals and needy families. Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age, and are needed Monday through Friday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. to serve prepared meals and then clean up. It is an enjoyable and rewarding volunteer activity that does not require any special skills. For more information or to sign-up to volunteer (other than on Grace Church's assigned days), please contact Sarah McAleavy at or 301-600-6263.



Past Projects


Souper Bowl_of_Caring_Logo_with_Web_Address


This year we collected $111 and 57 food items for the Frederick Food Bank through the 2018 Souper Bowl of Caring!



Special Offering for January: CWS Blankets Program

Thank you!!!  In January we collected a total of $486.97 for the Blanket Fund!

Both internationally and in the U.S., CWS focuses particular attention on reaching the most vulnerable disaster survivors.  After a disaster, we quickly make contact with affected communities to offer CWS Kits, Emergency Cleanup Buckets and Blankets. Our goal is to ensure that everyone – regardless of economic or social status – has a chance to recover.  (from

In 2016, CWS distributed thousands of blankets around the world. We can be part of an even greater response in 2018.  At Grace Church we will hold our annual Blanket Fund drive throughout the month of January.  Please see Sarah Travis if you have any questions.



Special Offering for December:

The Christmas Fund for the Veterans of the Cross and the Emergency Fund

THANK YOU!!!  We collected a total of $960!

Our joy at Christmas is a response to God's promise of new life through the birth of Jesus. It is a joy we are called to share widely, through our witness and gifts, both to loved ones and to distant neighbors. You have the opportunity to be a part of a ministry that cares for the active and retired clergy and lay employees of the United Church of Christ through your participation in this year's Christmas Fund Offering.


One of the unique aspects of the Christmas Fund is that the funds provide direct financial assistance to individual UCC clergy and lay church employees - the funds do not support programs or institutions, but people. With your continued generosity, more individuals will receive the support of the Church in their time of need, through:

  • MONTHLY PENSION SUPPLEMENTATION for 448 lower-income retired UCC clergy and lay employees (in 2016);
  • QUARTERLY HEALTH PREMIUM SUPPLEMENTATION for 216 lower-income retired UCC clergy and lay employees (in 2016);
  • CHRISTMAS "THANK YOU" GIFT CHECKS given to 503 retired UCC clergy and lay church employees (in 2016);
  • EMERGENCY GRANTS for 50 active/retired UCC clergy and lay employees (in  2016).


Special Offering for October: Neighbors In Need

THANK YOU!!!  This year we collected $865 for the Neighbors in Need offering!


The Neighbors in Need (NIN) offering, one of our 5-for-5 UCC special mission offerings, supports the UCC's ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States.


Two-thirds of the offering is used by the UCC's Justice and Witness Ministries (JWM) to support a variety of local and national justice initiatives, advocacy efforts, and direct service projects. Through, our national JWM office offers resources, news updates, and action alerts on a broad spectrum of justice issues. Working with members of the UCC Justice and Peace Action Network (a network of thousands of UCC justice and peace advocates), JWM continues its strong policy advocacy work on issues such as the federal budget, voting rights, health care, hate crimes, civil liberties, and environmental justice.


Neighbors in Need also supports our American Indian neighbors in the UCC. One-third of NIN funds support the UCC's Council for American Indian Ministry (CAIM). Historically, forebears of the UCC established churches and worked with Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, Mandan, Hidatsa, Arickara, and Hocak in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and northern Nebraska. Today there are 20 UCC congregations on reservations, and one urban, multi-tribal congregation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. These churches and their pastors are supported by CAIM. CAIM is also an invaluable resource for more than 1,000 individuals from dozens of other tribes and nations who are members of other UCC congregations in the U.S.


Thank you for supporting Neighbors in Need!  Donations can also be made online at any time -



Special Offering for June: Strengthen the Church

THANK YOU!!!  On Sunday, June 4th, we collected $312 for the Strengthen the Church offering!


Strengthen the Church (STC) is a special mission offering to reimagine and build the future of the UCC. Shared at the conference and national levels, STC largely supports youth ministries and full-time leaders for new churches in parts of the country where the UCC voice has not been heard.

As God calls our congregations to be the church in new ways, your generosity will plant new churches, awaken new ideas in existing churches and develop the spiritual life in our youth and young adults.

We will receive the Strengthen the Church offering on Pentecost Sunday, June 4, 2017. More information can be found at



Mother's Day offering for Homewood

THANK YOU!!!  On Sunday, May 14th, we collected $353 for the Homewood Foundation's Benevolent Fund.
Quality care, dedication, and loving attention are Homewood's hallmarks.  Regardless of income level or assets, everyone at Homewood is treated with dignity and respect.  Many of our residents receiving medical care do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.  The cost of medical care is often more than what is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance, but Homewood never asks a resident to leave for financial reasons.  When long life exhausts a resident's personal resources, it's the Benevolent Fund that fills the gap.
Last year Homewood subsidized almost $11 million in care.  Thank you so much for your generosity!


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