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Director of Music wanted!

Grace United Church of Christ, Frederick MD, is pleased to announce the following position:



Position Title                  Director of Music and Organist

Reports to                       Senior Pastor

Deadline:                        July 15, 2022

Start Date:                      September 1, 2022


Summary of Posting:  To direct the music ministry of a local UCC congregation including senior choir. To recruit and train paid section leaders, pick music on a weekly basis and hire instrumentalists for special services. To lead mid-week (was 2x/month but presently not happening) and Sunday morning (weekly) choir practices. The Director of Music will be responsible for providing music (accompanying hymns and choir music and selecting service music) for all worship services including Advent German language liturgy. Additional duties may include funerals and weddings (as available with honoraria) and oversight of hand bell or children’s choir directors as appropriate.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Provide all music for Sunday morning worship and other stated times of the year, including but not exclusive of Ash Wednesday evening, Christmas Eve services and other special occasions, including occasional German services.
  2. Recruit for, rehearse, and direct the Senior choir.
  3. Plan the music program in cooperation with the minister(s), individual, group, or committee in charge of the worship service and consult with other staff members and groups through the year as(The Director of Music shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Worship and Education Ministry Commission.)
  4. Select and purchase music within financial guidelines stated in the church’s annual budget.
  5. In the event of illness or emergency, contact the Worship and Music Commission Chairperson and/or minister(s) so that emergency arrangements can beKeep an active substitutes list and a directory of guest musicians available for use in worship.
  6. Administration of the "Friends of the Choir Budget"

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Submit budget requests for next fiscal year to the Worship and Education Ministry Commission each year.
  2. Submit to the church office each year an annual written summary of the musical activities for the church’s annual report.
  3. Be responsible for upkeep of the organ, grand piano, and rehearsal piano and report problems to the Finance and Property Ministry.This responsibility can be delegated.
  4. Secure substitute musicians for Sundays and vacation days and other special guest musicians.
  5. Organize and maintain the music library utilizing, when available,
  6. Designate a choir member to oversee the regular cleaning and upkeep of the choir robes.


Optional Responsibilities:


  1. Weddings and Funerals

Director of Music shall be given first consideration to play for weddings and funerals as his/her schedule allows. (A fee for each service will be paid by the family or couple.)

  1. Other Organ and Grand Piano Users

The Director of Music shall approve the use of the organ and grand piano prior to use by responsible students and other musicians.

Skills , Abilities and Equipment Knowledge Required for the Position:

  1. A minimum of a Bachelor's in music, with preference to a degree in organ or choral conducting
  2. Appropriate experience in the field.
  3. Shall have proficiencies in choral direction, musical accompaniment.
  4. Shall be well established in local music community.
  5. Be open to working with a diverse faith community and committed to a safe space where all are welcome.


This position reports to the Pastor with input from Worship and Education Ministry Commission. 


Justification of position:

Hours spent on this job:

Time at church on Thursdays and Sundays                          6 per week

Keyboard practice for church-related music                          3 per week

Administrative time                                                                5 per week

              (selecting music, communicating with choir, pastor, planning, coaching interns)                      

                               TOTAL                                                                         14 hours per week


Note: Grace UCC is an Open and Affirming faith community. Employment is open to all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression or sexual orientation. 

Urgent Update Grace Church Covid Policy







With the grace of God, Covid-19 rates have continually dropped in Maryland. We are happy to REOPEN in-person services! Masks are optional but recommended for those who are high risk or not vaccinated. 

We look forward to see you all again in person!  



Pastor Rob+   




Letters from Pastor and Council:


March 2022 

Dear Friends


I love March. I count the days until March 1st. Not that its some magical date, but it feels like once its march, spring is in sight. Sure, we may get more snow. And I wouldn’t mind a bit more. But in March, when it snows you know its not going to be around for weeks. When its cold you know its not gonna be those god-awful frigid weeks on end that we had in January/February. Winter in March is a temporary annoyance. Spring is on the way. I also loved Kite Flying as a child. We had a catholic cemetery in my neighborhood where only one side was being “live-in” so to speak. That left a HUGE plot of flat perfectly manicured grass for kit flying. No trees, no power lines, just a huge open area and boy, did our kites soar! And March winds were perfect for kite flying.

I’m feeling that way right now about other things in life as well. I hope you are as well. It’s been a long, cold, miserable metaphorical winter these past 2 years. But Covid rates are down, mandates are being lifted and life truly feels like the long cold winter is coming to an end.

But that’s how life is, for me anyway. God is always faithful. Spring always comes. St John of the Cross wrote about what he called a Dark Night of the Soul, a time of deep emotional and spiritual darkness, where we question God’s faithfulness because all we see in despair around us. Our souls long for even just a glimpse of hope. How long, O Lord? Our souls seem to cry with the Psalmist. And yet, even amidst the long dark, cold winters of life, our faith reminds us that our God will always be faithful, because our God HAS always been faithful. As Pastor Tony Campolo said of Holy Week: “Its Friday now, but Sunday’s coming!”

And so, we (or at least I) sit here on a beautiful warm late February day and wait for March 1. And I give thanks because it reminds me that even when the winters of my life are long and bitter cold, my God is always faithful.

I haven’t flown a kite since I was 12 years old. I think this year that might have to change!

Have an amazing month!

Pastor Rob+






Dear Friends,


After many months, it is time to let you know that we are beginning the process of reopening for people to join us for weekly worship. Other churches have been opening for the past few weeks; but, at my recommendation, Council has decided to wait a bit to see if infection rates in our area would remain low once people start gathering for worship.  Honestly, things are working remotely, so we were more concerned with gathering safely than gathering quickly.


And so I am writing with good news and better news!  The good news: We are inviting people to join us for worship in person starting August 2nd.  The better news: Our live stream broadcasts of worship have been more successful than we imagined and they will continue to be a part of our ongoing worship experience.  So if you don't feel comfortable returning to worship in person yet, you can still join us every week as you have been! 


What to expect when you return? 

1. You will be warmly welcomed by someone who will take your name and contact information. Creating a contact list for each service means we will be able to reach everyone should one person end up getting sick at any point. 

2. You will have your temperature taken with our fancy new no-touch thermometer. 

3. You will be asked if you have a mask. If you do not have one with you, we will have one for you! (Masks must be worn at all times, no exceptions.)

4. Hand sanitizer will be available should you want it. 

5. The doors will be open so that there is no need to touch hardware.


What will look different?

1. Seating will be intentionally separated from each other.  Families of course will sit together, but we will seat in alternating rows every other row. (They will be clearly marked.) 

2. There will be no passing of the peace in the service.  We would ask you to greet each other with a heartfelt smile and wave instead!

3. There will be no offering during the service. (That doesn't mean we don't need your gifts. LOL)  We will have collection baskets at the doors when you enter and when you leave so you can drop off your tithe. 

4. There will be no Hymns, at least for now. The CDC and the National Council of Churches recommend no singing as that produces more vapor droplets which might spread germs in the sanctuary. A study is coming out in the fall which will have more definitive word on this, but until then, there will be lots of good music, just not vocally!

5. Fellowship hour will NOT resume for the near future. Once the weather cools, we might want to gather outside after church for donuts and coffee, where we can be outdoors and safer in a group. 


So, as you can see, we are doing all we can to make sure our reopening is as safe as it can be.  We hope you will join us as you feel able, either in person or on Youtube.  We are excited for this regathering and look forward to the day when we can all be together again soon!! 


Much love and know that you are missed!


Pastor Rob+


No matter who you are,

or where you

are on life's journey,




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